The Evolution of Remote Working: Knee-Jerk Reaction or Here to Stay

Over the past few months, the way that we work has fundamentally changed. The disruption caused by the pandemic has increased the demand for digital services and has highlighted the need for business continuity solutions.

In this roundtable discussion, our panel of experts will examine the key trends in communication that have arisen in response to recent events. We will also explore the different ways that organisations are deploying and leveraging these new communication technologies before considering whether or not they will continue to play such a crucial role in business continuity initiatives once the dust has settled.


  • What current changes and challenges are we experiencing while attempting to maintain continuity
  • Remote working and the growth of unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) platforms in recent years (pre and post-COVID-19)
  • The lasting effect. Are there new expectations for what working will look like? How will businesses adapt and what outcomes will they want to achieve?
  • What technology infrastructure is needed to enable new demands for services?

    • Privacy / Data security

    • Data Centre availability

    • Operational changes (i.e. HR policies)

Das Programm

10:00 - 10:00The evolution of remote working: knee jerk reaction or here to stay?

Details: 10.00am BST (London) Register Here:

Praktische Informationen

Online, Online - EC3R 7LP - London
14  Juli  2020
10:00 - 10:00

Vorstellung der Sprecher

Hiren Parekh

VP Northern Europe

David Devine

Partner Manager

Bradley Harrad

Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

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